Fr. Aimilianos of Simonopetra (+2019) talks about the universal dimension of prayer as the feeling of the presence of God, a form of communion with God.

Languages: English, German, Greek, Romanian

What is prayer?
Prayer is a real feeling of the presence of God.
It is also the assurance of communion with God, to Whom man speaks and reveals the depths of his heart.
Thus, man perceives the presence of God, and, at the same time, his own work, without this divine communion to create any confusion between the two persons.
Each of these natures, the human and the divine, stays within its limits, but, man is the one who ascends to God, and it is God who descends to man.
Man offers himself to God through prayer, and God offers Himself to man…
And from this comes the wonderful thing of having a God and a man at the same time…

Why do the monks pray?
The monks pray, of course! Because it is a natural work which springs from the hearts of all people and of all human nature.
There is no man who does not feel this need for prayer, and this need is also a privilege, a human right: to seek Him and find God…

Therefore, as we understand it, all the people pray, not only the monks. Laymen have the example of monastic communities, and the monks have the example of angelic hosts…


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