Fr. Rafail, disciple of Fr. Sophrony from Essex, talks about New Age and why it emerged and became so popular in the 21st century.

Fr. Rafail:
“Look at this New Age phenomena. The New Age is not a religious movement. The New Age is the era in which we live, it is no longer called modern era, now we are in a post-modern era or New Age. It is mainly characterized by a large variety of religious movements and, in the New Age, everybody tries to overcome himself or herself, they look to fulfill their potentials, i.e. telepathy, flying, foretelling and so on… This is the human who got bored of this biology whose end is the tomb. This is precisely the thing from which God wants to save us! Biology, our bodily life, from conception to burial, as it is after the fall of Adam, however, God thinks of it as a time when man can become aware of some things and manage to overcome his mortality and reach immortality.”


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