Fr. Serafim Bozariu tells us about a miracle performed by the Mother of God in Hadambu Monastery, Iasi, Romania.

Subtitles: English, Romanian

Fr. Serafim:
A man and a woman with a 13-year-old boy came here and they asked if we can accommodate them overnight [in our monastery]…
I said this story before, but I say it because it is a great pain for the soul…
And they asked for a room, next day the kid was supposed to be hospitalized [in Iasi]…
I asked, “What does he suffer from?” They replied, “He has cancer…” They all started to cry, his dad, his mom and the kid too… the kid went back to his mother and wrapped her in his arms…
Such a big pain! I cried with them too when I saw such things…
I told them, “Please, if you want your child to be free of cancer by tomorrow (we had similar cases in our monastery), take an icon [of the Mother of God], go to your room and all of you pray until tomorrow morning:
‘Dear Jesus, help us! Dear Mother, help us!’
And I promise you, in the name of Mother of God, that tomorrow the child will be free of cancer!”
They took the icon and left crying… they broke my heart… and they prayed, the next morning they took the kid to be hospitalized,
They arrived there and said, “Dear Doctor, please perform the test again, we are from Suceava… a bit far… just to see how the child is…”
The physician performed the tests and shouted loudly: “The kid doesn’t have cancer anymore!”
Do you see now the miracles and the help of the Mother of God?
Many of us, many of us, do not respect her, we do not realize how much help Mother of God can offer!


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