(English) FP S01E01 Fr. Thaddeus – Spiritual Talks (Part 1/5)

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  1. I downloaded the subtitles for myself, but they may be helpful for others as well. Thank you for the video.

    Do not give your inner peace for anything in this world. Keep your inner peace at any cost.
    As it is said „Be at peace with your own self. Heaven and earth will be in peace with you.”
    The lessons of Elder Thaddeus were said on the 30th of November 1996 in the monastery Ostrog (Montenegro).
    On relationship between parents and children
    It is incredible how parents are owners of children, man! Many people ask me when they come.
    Some parents want to leave their children in the maternity ward. They want to take the children there.
    What kind of parents are those people! Children do not know.
    Parents are the owners of children. They were given a great power from God.
    They can give their children to God or satan. They are owners. God gave them children and they are sacred.
    While children are little parents are their owners. When children grow up they should realise.
    Christians do not realise what kind of the mark (of the best) will that be. How will it be than with others?
    While there is money in circulation, it will be possible to live.
    I see that computers will rule the world. They will give commands.
    Now they are present everywhere. They teach little children in the elementary school to work on computers.
    If you teach children from young age…
    On perfection of Christian life – utter humility
    Many do not think about what perfection is. Yes. In the works of Holy Fathers it is said that the perfection of Christian life is utter humility.
    It is not about raising the dead or various miracles, curing ill people etc. or the power of faith.
    Holy Fathers say that as long as faith wants, Lord will help. However, perfection is utter humility.
    There are events in Christian life that Holy Fathers described.
    A mother had an only son. He was her only hope. She lived very poorly.
    The son got sick and died. She was mad with sorrow. She went to the street outside.
    A woman was passing by from the brothel. She grabbed her and told her to resurrect her son.
    She was out of order. She kept pulling her. She kept saying “resurrect my son!”
    The woman from the brothel kneeled and said “Lord, you know from where I am going and what kind of life I lead.
    You are love and comfort to every soul. You see how this woman is full of sorrow.
    Her only hope is lost. Resurrect her son, O Lord. Do it for her love as You are all Love. “
    And the Lord resurrected him. The woman was a harlot but it happened. She had faith.
    Whatever faith asks, Lord will do it.
    Holy Fathers therefore followed the Lord.
    Perfection is utter humility. Humility is linked with obedience.
    The one who is humble, he is obedient. The one who is obedient , he is also humble.
    We cannot get humble easily. We have to suffer a lot throughout our life.
    On temptations of the spiritual forces of evil against destroying peace in the family…
    In monastery, and not just in the monastery, in every household where they serve the Lord, the enemy seeks to destroy the peace at any cost.
    People do not know what is happening. There is no unpleasantness so that people could understand.
    It is all at the level of thoughts. It creates unpleasant feelings especially to the householder.
    He is unsatisfied with his position. Everyone in the house has a hellish life.
    They do not have peace, serenity.
    In the household if there is one soul who is not satisfied with its position, or in the monastery, she influences everyone with its negative thoughts.
    It influences strongly. That can be noticed.
    When we look at the man physically we cannot estimate their inner health state. However, thoughts are visible.
    Thoughts are not secret. Especially if thoughts are calm, not scattered.
    Everyone influences with their thoughts. What you were thinking about, you did it.
    Nobody should tell us that they respect or love us.
    We are not suppose to deal with reading other people’s thoughts, telepathy.
    Everyone has that in themselves. What are thoughts? Nobody knows. They leave quickly.
    On disobedience and jealosy
    For instance, there was a very pious girl. I cannot remember what she studied.
    She fell in love with a student of Theology. His father was born and lived abroad.
    Of course, he does not want to get married. He wants to become a monastic, a bishop. Why would he be a priest?
    He liked that idea all of a sudden.
    However, she would not feel ashamed and would come many times.
    I did not know the student. He would come later on.
    She wanted me to influence by my prayer that he falls in love with her and marries her.
    I told her I was not a matchmaker. 🙂
    She found the other one. Recently they came. She is so jealous when it comes to her husband.
    The husband is tormented. I tell her: „you remember how you were before. God gave you good husband. Why do not you give him peace?“
    Devil has no other way to revenge. If you were not pious, he would not fill your head with jealous thoughts.
    As you are pious, he torments you that way.
    She could hardly come to her senses. The husband had no peace. He could not go anywhere.
    That is how life is. The devil torments on a thought basis. That is how it is everywhere.
    On the road of suffering and salvation
    We have to go through all of it in life. It all happens to us so that we could be humble.
    The Lord is the One who saves. Even when it is impossible, everything is possible for Him.
    Thank God! However, the enemy want us to be disobedient to our parents when we are little. And then also spiritual parents. There you have the trouble.


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