Fr. Rafail, disciple of Fr. Sophrony from Essex, talks about practicing patience in temptations like a sailor on a shaken ship.

Subtitles: English, Romanian
Video: December 15, 2005, Alba Iulia, Romania.

Fr. Rafail:
“In the time of temptation man is somewhat partaker of the darkness of the tempter, and in that moment, he or she can hardly see or cannot see at all.
These are times not of judgment, nor of counter-argumentation, they are the times when we are attacked by thoughts of darkness, doubts, and they are times of patience [endurance]. They are times when, like a sailor on deck, when the storm comes bringing big waves washing the deck, if you are trapped there, you can do nothing otherwise you might end up in the sea, except to hold on the railings, hold the bar. After the waves have passed, then you can run to the cabin, let’s say…”


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