Spiritual counsels of the Elder Gabriel, a disciple of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos [Kelli of St. Christodoulos, Holy Monastery of Koutloumosiou, March 2017].

WMA S01E11
Languages: English, Greek, Romanian

Elder Gabriel:
When we reach the grave we can not even say, ‘Lord, have mercy’ or do any good deed…
Everything that we give with our hands will be what we will have in the afterlife… the others, which are left here, will be taken by those around us….
The clothes that are made for the dead have no pockets, this is how they are made…
I lost everything except those that I gave with my own hands. Nothing is all mine only when it belongs only to me.
“Crippled” is the one who has no arms… The hands of a crippled are more useful than the hands of an avaricious person.
Do you want me and you to be poor? Then gather as much wealth as possible…
Do you want to have wealth and power? Then share…
Do you want to become poor and beggar? Then store as much as you can only for you.
Do you want to starve to death? Then close your eyes and ears to the pain and sorrow of your fellow human beings.”


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