One of the last sermons at Pentecost of the Orthodox bishop Paul (Yazigi), Metropolitan of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese Of Aleppo, abducted in Syria since 2013.

We ask all of you to remember him in your holy prayers!

Subtitles: English

Met. Paul:
“When people asked Saint Gregory of Nyssa: ‘Tell us father, who is the Human that reached his ultimate love?’

He said: ‘You have an example in the Old Testament… Moses…’

Therefore, The Church sings today: ‘Covered by the divine cloud, Moses, he that was slow of tongue is initiated into the knowledge of the Spirit, [For having shaken off the impurity from the eye
of his mind,] he beholdeth Him That Is’ [Katavasia]

We witness the non-existing, we witness fortune, we witness glory.
When we long and seek, we witness achievements in our life. Everything we witness in life is vanishing, what we have to witness and will witness one day.

He is the only ‘Existing’. He is God.

And how we witness?
Like Moses…
He who doesn’t live in thick clouds, cannot witness God, and the tick cloud is the Church, with its Feasts, practices, prayers and services.
He who lives churchly at the Church at house, work, lives churchly, lives within this Divine cloud. This one can witness God.

And when the day of Pentecost came, the Holy spirit came upon the disciples as tongues of fire… and fire symbolizes Divinity, Power and Life.

This how the Human lives and witnesses the ‘Being’…
When he lives within the clouds, the clouds of holiness, prayers and the decent life, then Christ pours on him from his Holy spirit: Srength, Goodness, Holiness, Faith, Sanctity and Life…


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