In this video recording, Fr. Proclu Nicau, who lived an eremitical life in Romania, talks about how the Holy Spirit works. He was one of the simplest monks, but abounding with the experience of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Proclu:

You can feel, you can feel the Spirit of God is in his or her heart!

This is what I know: when he [Fr. Cleopa Ilie] was the Abbot, when he used to walk out of the monastery, he was doing nothing but crying… This is what he did… He cried… yes… he cried terribly … Because he lived a few years in total reclusion, he realized that Holy Spirit helps us only through our tears and sighs of the heart… He helps and illuminates us and Holy Spirit cleanses our heart through sighs and tears… When someone cries, he has no evil in his soul…

There are times when someone who lives a life of repentance for the purification of the heart feels guided in his mind… but without forcing himself to feel it… like you were watching TV… this is how it comes to the mind… and man speaks those words which he is taught by the Holy Spirit… So… there is contemplation, there is divine reading and there is also the guidance of the Holy Spirit… I mean, those words come directly to you… And if you tell others these words, looking directly in their eyes, then that’s it, you already lost them! Do you see?

Priests, preachers, when they preach, they set their mind in one direction and even if they are facing the world, their minds listen to the Holy Spirit… and as the Holy Spirit offers, so the Priest offers… freely they received, freely they give… So… There are times, when I upset God with my life, then these gifts withdraw from me… They withdraw from me… And to receive them again, I need repentance… Only through repentance the good God receives me back… this is it… Only through repentance… and confession…”


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