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Fr. Teofil the blind (the Elder of Joy) – Turning Your Thoughts into Prayers

In this vide recording, Fr. Teofil Paraian (+2009) shows us a quick way of turning our thoughts into prayers. Fr. Teofil was born blind, but this didn’t stop him to become a well-known spiritual Father in Romania. He was called “the Elder of Joy”.

Video source: Fundatia Sfintii Martiri Brancoveni, June 6th, 2007

Fr. Teofil Paraian:
My father was telling me that a certain shepherd did not know how to pray… He put a stick on the ground and jumped over the stick, while he was saying: “Lord, one for me and one for You!” One jump is for me and the other jump is for You. Even these things are beautiful, they are good, they can also be a prayer, they can bring joy, they can be enlightening.

I was greedy for collecting good things. And I have them and carry them with me and sometimes when I say my prayers, and I do have to pray quite a bit, when I say my prayers, something beautiful comes to my mind, and after that I say: “Lord, isn’t this beautiful?”

For example: “Rejoice, white cradle of jasmine,
To which swarms of butterflies descend,
Rejoice, ray of the eternal star,
Spring of living water smoothly flowing,
Rejoice, Ever-Virgin Mother,
My sweet Mary.

Rejoice, most pure flower,
White as the silver of summer nights,
Golden wheat spike which is always abundant,
Myrrh that heals any wound,
Rejoice, Ever-Virgin Mother,
Rain of manna.

Rejoice, fruitful furrow,
Holy mountain, in which a treasure was buried,
Rejoice, secret song of love,
Call bell, magnification hymn,
Rejoice, Ever-Virgin Mother,
Gentle happiness.

Rejoice, apple of the risen life,
Tree heavy with fruits in the middle of spring
Rejoice, again, shore of joy
From which golden honey flows,
Rejoice, Ever-Virgin Mother,
My holy Mary.”
[File din acatist, composed by Mother Teodosia (Zorica Lațcu)]

Then I say: “Lord, isn’t it beautiful?” No doubt it is beautiful…

“Thine own of Thine own we Offer unto Thee.” You gave them to us, Lord, and we offer them to You….


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