Holy Cross Monastery – a story of survival

    A documentary about an Orthodox monastic community in the mountains of West Virginia, USA, established in 1986.

    Fr. Alexander (Dean of Holy Cross Monastery): “A monk believes that if he does what he hopes to do to follow Christ for the rest of his life… then it would be for the benefit  not only of himself but for the whole world. That the prayers he raises to God, as sinful as he may be, they have value and he calls down the mercy of God upon the world…”

    Fr. Nekatarios: “Visitors feel when they first come here that here is a life of peace and playfulness  and I tell people it’s like a river of grace in this monastery and we live in it, the monks live in it, so we… float in this grace everyday and we may not even notice it… But when visitors come, most of them, even if they can not even describe what that grace is, they step into that river, that stream of grace…”

    Location of this sacred place:


    1. I am truley great full for these brothers. I every time i have had spirtuals issues and health issues even amoungest asking them to pray for others . They have been a blessing as much as the brothers and sisters in other branches of christainty . They are true examples of brotherly love froma true spiritual nature. I can say that every time they helped me pray other anything it has work they are truely blessed souls.


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