In this video recording Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica talks about the unique power of Christian love, showing that “there is no weapon that can fight against love”.

Subtitles: English
Belgrade, 1990

Fr. Tadej:
“If the fullness of love shines through us, our enemies will go into ashes.
Who can fight against love, there is no weapon that can fight against love.
Why? Because God is love. Where the fullness of love is, every evil is canceled!
Therefore, try and see for yourselves, when we love, we also feel pleasant, as our thoughts are peaceful, full of love and goodness.

Pray day and night, and teach your kids to pray to the Lord, to be filled with divine love and to feel the joy of life and divine peace.
By the prayers of the Most Holy Mother, Saint George, that is the Patron Saint of this Temple, may the Lord grant us the strength and power that His divine love may be filled in us through Him.

That we may feel love in fullness and that we can praise the Lord here and through all ages, eternity with angels and Saints. Amen.”


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