Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica (Part 4/6)

In the fourth part of the video interview, Elder Tadej talks about how to communicate with departed loved ones and how to help them.

English translation: Vladimir

Elder Tadej:
“Can we get into contact with our loved ones who passed away?
As soon as we start to think about them we establish communication.
Those who have noble, peaceful and quiet spirit converse sometimes during their sleep with the souls they want to get into contact with. They get everything they wish. They ask something and a deceased person can answer their question.
We are not only related to the material world but also to the spiritual world… If one is focused, meek and humble, it happens.
If you fell very sorry for somebody who passed away and you pray for him [her], then he gains a lot in spiritual life, he receives energy. You give your life for somebody you are concerned about, you would like him or her to be fine.
You send them energy, divine energy, and you are connected with them…
We are all connected with divine energy but we don’t think about it and don’t pay attention.
We are not far away from each other.
We are so close.

What should we ask people who died, what do they tell us, how do we look like to them?
They ask us for help.
When they pass over to eternity they can’t pray for themselves any longer, they can pray only for us…
When the end of somebody’s life comes, he loses the right to pray for himself… because the time given to him for his repentance has expired.
Other people can pray for him and that is accepted by God.

Is the end of time getting closer?
The end of the world is getting closer all the time. Every year it’s closer and closer. We will see how Lord is going to arrange everything.

It’s better to sing than to lament. Sing. Those who sing don’t think evil“.


  1. No words can express how painful it is to lose a loved one in death especially when you have unfinished business or something special to say. I lost someone dear to me months ago but i still communicate with him, not by my power of course i use a medium who helps me. If you wish to do the same you can contact the spirit man yourself; *****@outlook.com


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