This is a real story of a young woman who went to church asking the priest, “Which partner should I choose?”

Video source © TRINITAS TV (Oct 23, 2019):

A young woman said: “Father, I have a dilemma. You know, I have a boyfriend and I like him, I love him and I’m happy with him.”
And the Father says: “Well, you’re happy… this is not a dilemma, it is a happy thing.”
The young woman: “Well, there is my ex boyfriend… I met him and I think I still love him… and I wanted to ask you who is the one I love more? Whom shall I choose? I don’t know what to do…”.
And the Father, a wise man, said: “Well, my dear, I will go inside the holy altar to put this book there and I will come back to you…”
When he returned he said: “My dear, you will not be with any of them!” She stayed in her thoughts… ”Yes, you will not be with any of them!”
Later on, the altar boy asked the priest: “Why did you tell the girl that she will not be with any of them?” The priest: “Well, if she really loved one of them, she wouldn’t be asking me, she would have been with him…”
A wise advice of a wise man who saw the reality and noticed what was going on there…


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