Fr. Roman Braga, a survivor of torture in Communist prisons, talks about discovering God within ourselves in a contemporary world that is full of noise.

Fr. Roman:

So we have to make this experience to enter in ourselves, to discover God within ourselves.
How? Well, how to say it to you, it’s hard in America because, here, you know, the young people want to live in noise. They make a lot of noise because they don’t feel good if it is not too much noise around.

It’s like an escape, this so called ‘music’, I don’t know if it is music or not, it is some noise. But they like it because they are afraid to stay by themselves, to be quiet one hour in one place and don’t say anything, stay there because God wants to talk to you. They are afraid to make these experiences and they say, “let’s make noise…”

Like a little girl in the camp, we have a religious education camp, I always mention that there was a little girl there, teenage, not so little, and she had two transistor radios, one here and one here because there were two programs, I don’t know, with the earphones, both of them full blast and she was walking through the camp and somebody told her to shut them off and she said, “Father, if I shut them off I’m getting crazy”.

Imagine what a dramatic situation, not to be able to be just you and Jesus Christ. If you don’t have anything to say to Him, He has something to say to you.

First of all we have to be at least one or two hours by ourselves there. Not only in prayer to say something, to ask, “give me that, give me that God”. No, this is not the prayer. The prayer is to have that feeling that God is within you. That is the definition of prayer. It’s not as much as you read, it is not much as many songs you say, prayer is when you feel that God is within you.

We are a mystery, we don’t know who we are. David said, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that Thou dost visit him? For Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor.” [Ps 8:4-5]

What is the man? We don’t know, we don’t know why God needed to create me or you and me. Because God is fullness, but He wanted to have somebody to talk with.

We don’t understand, God wants to talk with us all the time. But we don’t pay any attention to Him.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion how to communicate with God. But this does not mean that the girl with two transistor radios have nothing to say to God. Maybe their dialogue is more complete than mine or yours. 😉


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