In this video recording, Mother Silouana (Vlad) talks about how to relate to non-Orthodox family and friends, where the most important aspect is ‘Do not judge!’

Mother Silouana:
Pray for them and do not judge them, my dear! Because by judging them, we drive away those of other confessions or unbelievers.
“Look at him/her! Oh, he/she does not fast! Look…”
Well, you could fast yourself for the other. Do not judge!

I told you last evening and I tell you now, if God gave you the grace to see evil in the other, this wasn’t for no reason…

A ‘fervent’ believer went to Mount Athos, took part in the vigil, at the Divine Liturgy, he received Communion, rested, the next day went to obedience
And returned to his spiritual father, distracted, saying, “Father, I saw something terrible, awful…”

“What, my son?”

A monk, when he came to his obedience, spat in his hands, he received Communion before, and then pick up the wheelbarrow…”
“He received Communion before, Father!”

The Father, moved by the experience of his spiritual son, said:
“My son, if the Holy Spirit has given you such grace to see this, it means you have to pray for this soul that is in danger of perishing!
You should make 1000 prostrations for him, for 40 days!”

This is how we help them, my children! Do not judge them! Think about it, they were born in those circumstances, they were wandered, they were intimidated…
Lord, I did nothing to deserve to be faithful, to be Orthodox, this is how I was born… and thank you for keeping me like this!”

Then, do not judge… and they will be captivated by our joy and our lives…”



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