A strongly emotional and deep prayer before Christmas, comparable with the prayers of the Holy Fathers of the first Christian centuries.
Excerpt from a Christmas message of Fr. Constantin Galeriu, one of Romania’s most beloved theologians.

Fr. Constantin:
St. Gregory the Theologian [Nazianzen, 4th c], the singer of the Trinity’s love, says, ”Christ is born; glorify him. Christ is from heaven; go and meet him. Christ is on earth; be exalted!” Be exalted… in the light of love!

And Jesus says: ”No one cometh unto the Father, but by me” [John 14:6]. That is… through the love of the Son…
He, who, in fact, taught us “Our Father”… as His Father, as the Father of the whole world, of all the sons of love…

Lord, make us worthy, O Lord, as the eyes of our heart, the eyes of our faith to see Your uncreated Light, to see the Mystery of Love, of the Father with the Son in the Holy Spirit, in which you have created us, O Lord… and in which you want to save us, by sending your Son to the world.
O Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son and the Word of God, You who said: ”Abraham saw my day and was glad”[John 8:56], O Lord, make them worthy to know You, to love You, all the sons of Abraham, through whom Thou hast blessed all the nations of the earth… Isaac and Ishmael and everyone from all nations, to this day, all Your sons on this earth, to partake of Your holy gift of Love in You and let us all be the living witness, embracing one another, through Your Fatherly arms, that are You, O Lord, Jesus Christ, You and the Holy Spirit.
Grab us all, the earthly people, and share with us Your Love…
Let us all pray and the more of us who pray, the more the light of love will spread, the darkness of hatred and division will dissipate…
For us to be worthy to be translated, as the divine Paul said, ”into the Kingdom of the Son of his love”, Jesus Christ, our Lord [Colossians 1:13], which we again glorify:

”Christ is born; glorify him.
Christ is from heaven; go and meet him.
Christ is on earth; be exalted…”
in the light of His Love… Amen!


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