Video testimony of Fr. Teofil Paraian of Sambata Monastery on how he radically avoided the danger of pride and false humility. A contemporary example of “Foolishness for Christ”.
Fr. Teofil was blind from birth but became a shining star of the Romanian Church.

Subtitles: English
Video source: ASCOR Cluj-Napoca / January 24, 2019

Speakers: Fr. Ciprian and Fr. Iustin:
A man cherished him so much, travelling with him, and excessively praising him.
And Fr. Teofil said: “I didn’t like that he was often praising me. And I solved this issue!”
I said: “Father, how did you manage?”
“I told him: ‘Stop at the butchery and take me inside.’
And then I asked:‘Do you have baloney?’ ‘Yes, we have’. ‘Give me 200 grams [7 oz]’ And I ate it in front of him.
The man scandalized himself!”

It was not common for that man to see monks who eat meat products… And the Father he cherished so much… he eats meat…

“And I got rid of him!”, said Fr. Teofil.

Extraordinary, very rare we find such people… we would not do it like that…

Yes… when Fr. Teofil used to go to monasteries of nuns, he often asked:
“Mother, what is your name?” He liked to know peoples’ name…
“Seraphima, the sinner”. Another one: “Cherubima, the sinner”.

Then Fr. Teofil said: “Let’s get out of here, this monastery is full of sinners!”

Here in Cluj, he used to tell us, “Do you all have the same surname?” (‘Sinner’)


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