Vladeta Jerotić – St. Isaac the Syrian and our times (Part 2/2)


In the second part of the interview, prof. Jerotić talks about love for God, repentance and humility. 

Prof. Jerotić:

If I recognized in myself a Christian being, or a religious being, the fear gradually changes into awe. What is the difference? In awe there is the feeling of fear in front of the One who who is beyond us. At the same time there is the feeling of humbleness that we are weak and powerless in many things. And the third point is that awe carries with itself the sorrow that we might hurt Someone we love.”

You can see how today in the 20th century it is especially difficult to reach humility. However, when you meet a humble man, something trembles within you whether you are a believer or not, orthodox Christian or non-orthodox. There is some kind of inner delight. You are not that kind of person, but somehow you know that it is a God’s person. His humility calms you. When you are in a presence of such person, you feel grace, peace. “