Fr. Raphael talks about Saint Silouan the Athonite words: `Keep thy mind in hell, and despair not!` The man should put his trust in the Lord (cf. Jo. 16:33) and be realistic. There is no way that Love of God will disregard him or her.

Fr. Rafail:

“Our God does not forbid us to despair… it’s not forbidden to despair. God wants to say that there is no need to despair…
God has enough power to deliver us from any kind of hell… And not only that, but His Love is willing to deliver us [to save us] from hell, His Love can not leave us in hell… it is enough for us not to despair, I mean, to trust God’s mercy. It’s enough to give ourselves to God’s will in the worst times of our despair.

That’s how I propose you the word of our Father Silouan: ‘Keep thy mind in hell, and despair not!’… ‘Just be realistic, that’s you! But do not despair, because God will not leave you there…’ It’s impossible that the Love of God will not listen to you, but you have to ask Him, can not deny you if you still trust Him…’

How do I have the courage to approach Him? You have no justification… but simply because God is good… This for the extreme desperation. ”

“O holy Father Silouan, thou hast been a tree growing in the vast sylvan abodes of all the monks of the Holy Mountain, and thou hast bowed under the breath of the Holy Spirit which filled thy life with knowledge and love of Christ our God. Intercede before Him that He may grant to our souls the radiant grace of His Spirit, and that He may have mercy on those who sing to thee.” (Sticheron, Tone 4)


  1. Thank you fr Raphael. Thank you for teaching us ………. You have been my spiritual guidance for over 27 years 🙏 God has blessed us indeed
    Are you still at the same address in Romania ?

    Yours in Christ Jesus


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