Many of those who have met Fr. Paisie (Paisius) Olaru said that he was one of the greatest and holiest spiritual fathers that lived in Romania during the 20th century…

Let’s listen to a rare audio recording of Fr. Paisie (Paisus) Olaru, where he prays for those who are traveling and also for of one of his spiritual sons, named Peter…

O Lord Jesus Christ our God,

the true and living way, who didst journey with Tobias, with Joseph in Egypt, with Luke and Cleopas,

journey with Thy servant, Peter, and with all those who want to journey abroad and those who are journeying…
Send unto them a guardian angel, guiding, preserving them from all danger, and bringing them back again in health and peace,

praising and glorifying Thee, together with Thy Father Who is from everlasting and Thine all-holy and good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.



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