In the fifth part of the interview Elder Thaddeus talks about various topics, like: obedience, God’s Providence and His permission, on the example of a humbled soul, on humility of Holy Fathers and on man’s disobedience.

On obedience

What all Holy Fathers say is that the most useful thing is obedience.
It is greater than fasting and prayer.
The one who is disobedient prays and fasts in vain.
He can be skin and bones by fasting, but it doesn’t help.
We should bear that in mind all the time…

Later when I suffered a lot because of it, I saw that it was true.
Holy Fathers say it from experience…

The one who is humble, he is obedient.
Who is obedient, he is also humble.

On God’s Providence and His permission

If we could only have the awareness that everything which is good and noble is God’s providence.
We can’t seem to strongly accept this thought.
If we had firmly accepted it, it would have been much easier for us.

On the example of a humbled soul

There are humble and meek souls.
There is one woman who comes from a Bulgarian village.
She is so blessed. She is not aware of her state.
She also has a good husband. I could constantly see free grace in her…

On humility of Holy Fathers and on a man’s disobedience

We are like the stones in a stream.
They are very pointed, however, when the water circles around them, they become rounded.
If a man steps on them, it can’t get hurt…
We learn humility, we learn here how to live Heavenly.



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