Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica (Part 2/6)

In the second part of the video interview, Elder Tadej talks about the children, because they have a great faith and they believe in their parents and trust us completely.
Also, he shows us how to preserve our inner peace, knowing that our life is manifested by our thoughts and those have beneficial influence not only on human nervous system, but also on animals and plants.

English translation: Vladimir

Elder Tadej:
“When somebody is wholeheartedly connected with the Source of life, whatever he wishes fulfills. You see, innocent, naive children don’t have knowledge. If you say to a child: ‘That’s just like that…’ it accepts it… They are naive and whatever you tell them is ‘amen’ for them, which means they have a great faith. When you tell them something, they believe in it and it happens to them…

When they see somebody who is noble, quiet, children can feel that and they run to such a person, although they don’t know him or her and have never seen them before… something attracts them… in fact, they run to the Lord…

People are burdened with material side and that side covers their good side as well… We, humankind, are interconnected inseparably with energy. People cannot perceive nor understand this. We can’t grasp that our life is in our neighbors. When we see life in others, we see our own life…

Our life is manifested by our thoughts and if our thoughts and our wishes are good, everything is good for us.
When we are meek, quiet and humble, our thoughts have beneficial influence not only on human nervous system, but also on animals and plants. Everything expects care from us.

People burden themselves with unnecessary thoughts. They can’t do anything by themselves. They can only think about something good, but they can’t do it without God. We can do something good only by God’s energy, because only God is good.

I’m not overly concerned and I’m not worried what will happen to me or how it’s going to be. If I were thinking about that, I’d lose my peace… God cares about us… there is no need for thoughts when we can not do anything by our thoughts alone… ‘Sufficient for the day is its own trouble’ (Matthew 6:34).”


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