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Fr. Petroniu – How to breathe God like air (WMA, S01E02)

The former abbot of the Skete of the Forerunner , Fr. Petroniu Tanase, talks about the real meaning of Jesus Prayer: "in everything that...

Fr. Iulian – When the soul leaves the body (WMA, S01E01)

Fr. Iulian from Mount Athos talks about the moment when the soul will leave the body and will go to heaven... Will find there all...

Advice for christians: how to confess your sins

It's been 11 years since the passing into eternity of Fr. Dionysios († May 11th 2004). Fr. Dionysios Ignat the Athonite has some advices...

”My poor childhood” (Fr. Dionisie Ignat)

Fr. Dionysios Ignat the Athonite is remembering his poor childhood, they were 8 brothers and they were often eating a lot of cornmeal,...

I glory in my infirmities

Fr. Dionysios Ignat the Athonite is giving glory to God for everything, including his blindness, his suffering in the last years of his...

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