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Questions of Saint Paisiosvideo

8 questions of Saint Paisios the Athonite

Tape recording of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos where he asks himself essential questions about the spiritual life of the contemporary Christians. Signs of the...
StPaisios - Signs End Timesvideo

End Times Prophecy (St. Paisios)

A tape-recorded prophecy of St. Paisios the Athonite that is coming true right before our eyes. These are the signs: sorrow, attacks, emigration, disorder, waste, indifference, judgement, unbelief, hatred, envy. St....
Metropolitan Athanasios - Signs of the End Timesvideo

Metropolitan Athanasios – Signs of the End Times

Metropolitan Athanasios of Lemesos talks about the right Christian attitude regarding the signs of the end of the age. Met. Athanasios: "God Himself has concealed...
When will be the end of the world?video

Fr. Ioanichie – When will be the end of the world?

In this video, Fr. Ioanichie (Joannicius) Balan, remembers a conversation with a hermit that lived in the mountains around the Sihastria Monastery. Will the year 2000...

Fr. Petroniu – What about ‘666’? (SET, S01E01)

The former abbot of the Skete of the Forerunner , Fr. Petroniu Tanase, talks about the number of the Beast , 666, and how...

On biometric health cards

Fr. Raphael talks about biometric health cards and generally about biometric ID cards and other forms of biometric identification. He uses an example of...

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