Fr. Ioan Iovan – Prayer of Absolution

Archimandrite Ioan Iovan (1922-2008), who spent 10 years in the Romania's Communist prisons, says the prayer of Absolution in the Holy Mistery of Confession. This...
Paisie Olaru - Prayer Travelvideo

Fr. Paisie Olaru – Prayer for a safe journey (audio)

Many of those who have met Fr. Paisie (Paisius) Olaru said that he was one of the greatest and holiest spiritual fathers that lived...

Praying with Saint Porphyrios (Video Recording)

Watch here a rare video recording with Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia († 2 December 1991). He prays for his spiritual children, that God may protect them from evil spirits...

Divine Liturgy with Saint Porphyrios (Audio Recording)

Today, the Orthodox Church commemorates our Venerable Father Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia († 2 December 1991). Here you have an audio recording of the Divine Liturgy...
Prayers Confession Fr. Sofian Boghiuvideo

Prayers before the Mystery of Confession

Fr. Sofian prays before the Holy Mystery of Confession, as an orthodox priest. He was also a well know church painter persecuted for his faith...

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