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A moment can be a time and a sigh can be a prayer

In this video, Fr. Arsenie talks about the prayer rule in Christian life and gives us some valuable wisdom: we have to be honest and...

Fr. Arsenie – We need to be heroes to enter the Kingdom of God!

In this video recording, Fr. Arsenie says that God wants us to be people of the Cross, heroes, because there are no beggars in...
The one who knows that there is eternityvideo

Fr. Arsenie – Believing in eternity and not taking any action

In this video recording, Fr. Arsenie Papacioc tells us that it's not enough to just know about different aspects of the spiritual life, but...

Do not waste your time!

Fr. Arsenie talks about this precious gift from God: time.    
Fr Arsenie - True fastingvideo

Fr. Arsenie – “The true fasting”

This is the first week of the Great Lent... Does fasting mean abstention from food? That's not enough! In this video recording, Fr. Arsenios sets a...

Fr. Arsenie – “My dear, I’d give you my legs but, as this is...

Fr. Arsenie (Arsenius) Papacioc shows us how to deal with beggars asking us for money. It is possible to consider these people even if we...

Fr. Arsenie – “Lord, do NOT have mercy on me, a sinner”

Fr. Arsenie tells us a story of a monk who used to pray: "Lord, do NOT have mercy on me a sinner!" That monk had...

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