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Which partner should I choose? (real story of a young woman)

This is a real story of a young woman who went to church asking the priest, "Which partner should I choose?" Video source © TRINITAS...

On gaining our children’s trust and hearts (Fr. Rafail)

Fr. Rafail, disciple of Archimandrite Sophrony of Essex, talks about gaining our children's trust through liberating love. His remarks are based on his own...

Why can’t I love anymore? (Bishop Teofil)

Romanian bishop Teofil of Spain and Portugal: "young people who had many relationships which broke up... they become unable to fall in love again......

One shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ easily (Met Athanasios)

Metropolitan Athanasios (Nikolaou) of Limassol (Cyprus) shows that one should not say the 'love' word easily. It brings the responsibility of a lifelong promise...

Jealousy in marriage (Metropolitan Athanasios of Cyprus)

Metropolitan Athanasios (Nikolaou) of Limassol (Cyprus) talks about jealousy and infidelity in a marriage: "a marriage that becomes tiring will break at one point,...

The purpose of marriage. Childless couples (Metropolitan Athanasios)

Metropolitan Athanasios (Nikolaou) of Limassol (Cyprus) talks about couples that cannot have children naturally and the purpose of Christian marriage: "The human purpose is...

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